Distributed Systems 101

As the topic says this is distributed systems 101, so I am gonna write some very basic introduction and working of Distributed Systems which I’ll refer to as DS

So What is DS?

Let's go at it word by word. The Word Distributed means to distribute, so what exactly is distributed, it could be anything depending on the use case, for eg

  1. Storage= A case where the processing and storage are separated and your storage is distributed over logical or physical means. Let’s say you are running a query on your laptop which fetches data from different systems and then processes in your system’s ram (assuming the system can accommodate the data). So in this case the storage is said to be distributed. It could be distributed in different databases on the same system or on different systems(servers) and it is the responsibility of your application code to fetch that ‘distributed data’ from different servers and transport it over the network and bring it to your local system for computing.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of DS, I‘ll write more topics on how the distributed systems work under the hood, how databases work with replication, how nodes understand who is leader, who is follower, replication, leader election strategies, etc.

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